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Rise of New Web Technology

Rise of New Web Technology

The new machines are now capable of analyzing all the data on the web – links, text, images, graphics, people and other computers. The idea of ‘Semantic Web’ is in its birth stage, where the day-to-day mechanisms of daily lives, trade and other tasks pertaining to businesses are handled by machines with humans providing only the intuition part of the conversation. Once this stage develops further, internet will become a place where the reasoning of the machine and the instruction from the humans will coexist in a powerful and ideal environment.

Today’s SEO techniques are based on the idea of this Semantic Web, where a simple search engine understands the context of a search (despite the complexity of software such as HTML 5, JavaScript or CSS) based on the user’s profile, communication, memberships in social media websites. groups or organization that the user participates. For example, a search result for ‘crane’ from a lift operator would filter out the results related to birds. Continue Reading →