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Zev at Ledaza was looking for a website that would be able to expand with his business. We decided WordPress would be the best platform for this project.  Not only did the site come out great but we created a few custom plugins that gave Zev the ability to create call to actions and landing pages to reach more potential clients.




I work with small business owners and help grow their business. Often, their web site is the first step towards implementing a marketing plan. As I was searching for a web developer for my own business, there are a lot of companies to choose from, obviously. My criteria was rigid and inflexible: I wanted a web partner who was responsive, would take the time to understand my business model and of course is proficient in the latest web technology from programming to widgets and advanced tools. Tyler Cordaro met all of those qualifications and our collaboration yielded a website that receives ongoing praise. Tyler is patient and giving. If he does not know the answer, he finds it and presents me with a few solutions. It is critical for us to be in-sync so that the final product represents who I am but also resonates with existing and potential clients. A web site is a living, breathing entity. Although I control all of the content, web marketing and technology are moving fast and you must stay on-top of what works and what does not. I retain Tyler for ongoing support, tweaks and someone who is an expert in his field that I can bounce ideas by, or get objective criticism. In the crowded field of web designers, Fresh Tech is clearly unique and provides tremendous value.

Zev Ash, Ledaza inc.